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Well, I knew it might happen: I stopped writing for a bit. Winter hits and I hit the couch.

While I am going to work to get back to writing here frequently, right now I need to share news with you all.

Last week, the Associated Press ran an article about Fibromyalgia suggesting that it was possible not really a disease and just pushed by drug companies to make money As someone with a journalism degree, I was appalled that the AP would let something like this get out — the tone is that Fibromyalgia isn’t real and that drug companies are faking it. To try and “balance” the piece, the author quotes a drug manufactuer VP to say FM is real. Why he didn’t call one of the thousands of doctors who treats Fibro patients or the College of Rheumatology, I just don’t know.

As a Fibromyalgia patient, I’m hurt. The article is setting us back. With this story running in newspapers across the U.S. it’s hard to take back the false information.

The National Fibromyalgia Association is trying though. Read their reaction, as well as other FM community members, here.


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