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When you wake with stiffness in the morning and Fibro fog clouds your mind, it can be easy to forget you’re not alone. I read a poem posted over at Gather.com, and this writer’s simple words may reflect some of your daily struggle.

Here’s the first few lines:

I wake up to feel the pain,

It’s presence numbs my brain.

For this pain seething and pure,

The experts have no cure.

I hope to see more poems, stories and writing online from real Fibro sufferers like Christine K., who wrote the aforementioned piece. If you have poems you would like to share with others, e-mail me at fibrospot@gmail.com, and I will post them on FibroSpot.


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Take it and you'll fly to Europe to enjoy your pain-free life.

Lyrica: Take it and you'll fly to Europe to fully enjoy your new, pain-free life.

The most recent commercial for Lyrica, the medication for neuropathic pain approved for Fibromyalgia treatment, has an older woman grabbing her shoulder when talking about her Fibro pain (see the video). I don’t know about you, but my shoulder sure isn’t my main point of pain…and is a good four or five inches from the nearest trigger point. While Fibro patients’ symptoms may vary, since when are shoulders a big part of the problem? Forearms, sure. Knees, oh hell yes. Neck, yep. Shoulders, uh, I guess when everything else is amped up, they hurt but nothing compared to those areas with trigger points.

Someone should let Pfizer know that being consistent with a condition’s symptoms in the commercial would help. That, and maybe throwing in a younger woman from time to time. The blog Bee’s Eclectic Life brings up a litany of other problems with the Lyrica advertising, for those of you wanting to delve further.

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